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From Start to Finnish

Finnish lessons to all interested
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Finnish lessons to all interested
This community was started in order to teach Finnish to all interested. We're using From Start to Finnish by Leila White (which we encourage people to buy, for example on Amazon.com) as reference but we do not get any money or claim anything to be ours. Non-profit from the beginning to the bitter end so don't sue, please. This is totally unprofessional as well, just for fun.

Whenever you have questions or comments just comment on posts. Also, if at any time you have any questions about Finland, Finnish people or the Finnish culture those questions and topics are also welcome. We'll be replying to people's comments as soon as we have time, so be patient. Community members are also encouraged to discuss with each other about tricky grammatical points or anything related to Finland or Finnish.

All lessons will be tagged according to lesson. I may or may not tag them later also according to grammatical stuff, but not right now. Please inform us if there's a mistake, we're just human after all.

~your mods


Some sites worthy of checking out:

* Pronunciation and some phrases
* Beginner's Finnish with audio
* Basic Finnish with cartoons and audio clips [link from redpapercranes] NOTE: this no longer exists but if anyone has any suggestions, please don't be shy.

* Written stories/dialogue with audio
* Just Finnish grammar, few explanations
* Download the whole Finnish grammar onto your computer. Download at your own risk, naturally :)

* Write what you want said!
* Idioms in the Finnish language
* The best online FIN-ENG-FIN dictionary I've been able to find NOTE: darnit, this doesn't work either. Google translate is decent but won't give you anything other than a list of alternatives what your word COULD possibly mean. So use with caution...

Also: juicypuffin shared this site with "a large collection of PDF textbooks and such for learning Finnish". Download at your own risk, naturally :)